Q.  Off With The Old...  Media Blasting & On With New New...  Priming

Post date: Oct 12, 2015 1:1:5 AM

After looking a bit closer, this El Camino has had three repaints in its life.  The original paint was the base for the three repaints that followed, so there was a lot of paint to remove.  It was a pleasant surprise that while there was some filler, the majority was in the passenger side quarter that was removed, so getting to bare metal was fairly straightforward.  A Bad Boy Pot Blaster was used along with crushed glass for the media.  Because the El Camino has new quarter panels and fenders, the paint removal was in the bed, roof, rockers, tailgate, hood and doors.  It took 300 pounds of crushed glass and about 15 hours of blast time.  Special thanks to my good friend Randy for manning the blast nozzle for much of the fun!

With the metal exposed, the next step was to etch prime the bare metal.  The quarters and fenders were left in the original factory GM primer and the scuffed for the entire body to be primed with 2K Urethane primer / surfacer (2 coats).