Do You Have Rust In Your Trunk Gutter?  We Now Offer Trunk Gutter Channel Stock!

Post date: Mar 30, 2019 1:13:36 PM

Belden Speed & Engineering is now manufacturing trunk gutter channel for your 1960's - 1970's GM car.  This is a common area for rust to form and can be a fabrication challenge for the restorer.  Our channels are manufactured from 20 gauge CRS right here in the United States.  They come in 24" lengths and be used in the straight sections of the gutter, pie-cut to form around corners.  Depending on the extent of your rust, they can be plug welded to the existing horizontal wall or vertical part of your trunk gutter.  To see the details and pricing of the trunk gutter channel go to our patch panel products main page and scroll down and click on the make and year car of interest, or CLICK HERE.

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