Now Shipping Rear Window Channel Rust Repair Channels for 1966-1967 Chevelle, LeMans, GTO,Tempest, Skylark & Cutlass 2 Door Coupe

Post date: Feb 01, 2018 3:6:42 AM

We have developed a set of rear window channels for the 1966-1967 GM A-Body 2 door coupe with the  "tunnel" rear window design.  Rust in the rear channels is common in these cars and our deep wall channels (1 1/2" vertical wall) provides plenty of metal to cover a great deal of the rust cases restorers face.  The quarter channel walls extend up beyond the break between the vertical channel wall and inner sail panel, but are straight.  Designed to be trimmed and fit to replace the rusted channel, there is enough extra metal that some cases where the rust has progressed into the inner sail can be covered.  Some forming on-car will be required.  To see details and pricing, go to our "About our window channels and patches for your GM A-Body & F-Body" page and then click on the make and model of 1966-67 you are after.