Customer Showcase - 1971 Malibu Windshield Channel Restoration

Glen Anderson has a brother who has a shop who had a 1971 Malibu sitting there for 15+ years.   Glen was able to acquire the car to save it and to make a dream come true.  With 162,000 miles on the odometer and almost 20 years off the road Glen knew it needed work and was in a position to take it on.

Because the car was under roof for so long it was in remarkably good condition – especially for a vinyl roofed Malibu.   Aside from a few issues with the fenders, the only other real rust was in the windshield channel.  Glen took on the challenge to resolve his rust issue by using the Belden Speed & Engineering windshield repair channels 6872-DSWLD & 6872-PSWLD.  These channels are designed for the novice as well as pro to easily install and reduce the fabrication time required to correctly restore the channels.

Glen removed the old channel, scribed the new channel pieces in place and did a great job in welding them in.  With just a bit of metal finishing work, the amount of filler during the body work phase will be minimal.

The Malibu has been upgraded to a 383 stroker, a big cam and a great old-school stance – ready to dance!