G.  The paint begins with jambing the Chevelle and parts

Post date: Oct 14, 2016 3:1:48 PM

The Chevelle was primed with Epoxy to seal the metal and the final "tuning of the body was done.  Fortunately this is a no-hit car and the sheet metal is pretty much as it left the factory.  The areas of rust repair were metal finished and some filler added to blend and a few door dings were straightened out.  With that work done the car was primed with PP 2K Primer Surfacer (Urethane) and blocked to 400 grit.  A second coat of Primer Surfacer was then applied and the entire car blocked to 600 grit.

This Chevelle is a Shadow Gray which is a metallic color.  As such, the exterior body panels need to be shot all at once.  So the jamb areas of the car as well as associated body parts need to be painted in a separate step.  First the body was masked to expose only the door and trunk jamb areas.  To reduce the hard edge effect of masking, tape was overhung on the edges to create a bit of an air dam so when you are painting the paint feathers in and this allows a soother transition for when the exterior is painted.

Once the body shell was painted in base coat and cleared the parts were then prepped and jambed as well.

With all parts painted and cleared the Chevelle was reassembled and gaps set for the base coat / clear coat of the exterior.

Now that jambing is complete, the car can be masked and readied for its exterior coats of PPG Shadow Gray and 2021 Clear