F.  So Is The Motor Numbers Matching?

Post date: Jul 20, 2015 6:34:51 PM

As discussed previously, this El Camino is completely numbers-matching, but there is that nagging question about the block being decked.  How can someone claim the engine is numbers-matching if the stamping was milled off?  That is a great question, but the fact is, there are so many re-stamped blocks today who could ever claim an engine to be numbers matching?  

Well I am a rational person and the facts speak to this being numbers matching for a few reasons.  The first is, this motor was last rebuilt in the early 1980's when honestly a 1970 El Camino SS wasn't very desirable.  Another fact is with a clean stamping pad, why wouldn't someone re-stamp it there where it belonged?  The partial VIN or "Con VIN" is present above the oil filter boss, so why re-stamp it there where it would be much harder to fake?  That said, I was curious about trying to "raise" the original stamping as they do with things like firearms whose serial numbers have been filed off.  So I searched the internet and found that there is a technique using Frys Reagent that sometimes can work.  With my Frys Reagent in hand I took the time (hours) to try to "raise" the stamping and honestly found only a piece of the puzzle.

If you look closely you can see a faint digit to the left side of the pad.  After working with the area I was able to "see" a few more.  Indeed, the Frys Reagent didn't do much other than to have me clean the area very well.  I was able to expose enough to say the stamping showed the block was assembled in the first week of November T110XXXX".  I would say that is conclusive since the car was assembled in the 3rd week of November.  For the record, I wouldn't waste my time or money with the Frys Reagent technique for "raising" your lost stamping - it's expensive and bears little fruit.