Seal Those Seams!  Some Tips

Post date: Jun 19, 2017 9:28:29 PM

There are dozens of brands of seam sealers out there and that can lead to a great deal of confusion for those who are new to replacing panels, or stripping their car down to bare metal.  Some sealers are designed only for use on bare metals, where others on painted surfaces.  Some are brushed on and others are applied with a caulk gun - which is correct for you?  Well much depends on the result you are after and level of authenticity you are seeking.  We use a good and highly versatile sealer that can be used on either bare metal or over primer,  It can be placed with a caulk gun or brushed to simulate many factory finishes.  To read about it in our "Technical Center / Download section you can navigate there or CLICK HERE to go directly to it.