Customer Showcase - 1968 Chevelle Windshield Channel Replacement

Michael Maloney of Peotone, IL has many projects and a young family and while no doubt his wife and daughter come first, his 1968 Chevelle is an important family member nonetheless! His restoration is a long term project, but he has made significant headway in resurrecting this worthy Chevelle and is currently ridding it of the few rusted areas it has. Michael has used our rear window channels to repair the rear window and has now begun to fix the “not quite perfect” windshield top window channel.

Using our 6872-DSWLD & 6872-PSWLD channels, he has carefully fitted the channels to establish the cut lines for the rusted channel removal and has made it to the point of welding in the passenger side channel (as you can see from the accompanying pictures.) 

The driver side awaits another free afternoon for the cutting and welding which will bring the windshield channel back to as-new condition.

It’s exciting to see this kind of progress on a project because we know that someday Michael’s 1968 Chevelle is something that he and his daughter will be driving around in!