C.  Beginning The Body Restoration - Rear Window Channel Rust

Post date: Apr 05, 2016 11:39:48 PM

The original vinyl roof remains in place and aside from some minor separation on the passengers side rear it is in excellent condition.  Unfortunately what lays under it is not so pristine as you can see by the raised bubbles on the edge of the sail panel - signs or rust.  There are also some sign of rust stains in the trunk, but fortunately, no rust damage in the trunk itself, just stains from up above.

With some trepidation the vinyl top was removed - a process that was remarkable easy because the top itself was a bit brittle and the adhesive somewhat decayed.  What was revealed wasn't near as bad as it could have been, but to see the whole picture the trim as well as rear window and package tray must be removed.

With everything stripped out here is the extent of the damage.  The passenger's side window channel shows rust over the entire quarter panel and the rust made it into the top of the sail panel all the way over to the ridge where the top and side of the sail panel meet on the quarter.  The driver's side was not nearly as bad with rust concentrating in the bottom corner and some pitting on the top plane of the sail panel.  There was also some weak area in the passenger side roof window channel that needs repair. Finally, the entire channel of the trunk filler panel was heavily pitted and will need to be replaced.

With the assessment complete, the work can now be planned.  Currently there are no reproduction patch panels for A-Body (Chevelle) window channels and window corner body sections.  The trunk filler panel which has the bottom window channel is available as a reproduction and one will be used for that portion of the restoration.  The remaining pieces will be hand fabricated and fit to the body prior to installation.  So the work required is: