1964 - 1967 El Camino and GMC Sprint Rear Window Quarter and Bottom Channels Are Now Available

Post date: Feb 27, 2020 1:26:48 PM

Belden Speed & Engineering is now manufacturing the quarter and bottom channels for the rear window of the 1964-67 El Camino and GMC Sprint.  These channels are in addition to the top roof channels that we have been providing to the market for the past 4 years.  Our RustReplace.com brand of window repair products are manufactured from 20 gauge CRS by us in the USA at our Virginia metal fabrication shop.  As with all of our products, they come pre-punched for easy plug welding and etch-weld primed and with step-by-step instructions for a trouble free installation.  To learn more please visit our El Camino products page or CLICK HERE