Customer Showcase - 1967 Firebird Windshield Channel Replacement

We like to showcase our customer’s work when they allow and last week Michal Roman shared with us pictures of the restoration of the top windshield channel of a 1967 Firebird he did. Using Belden Speed & Engineering 6769-DSWLDFBDY & 6769-PSWLDFBDY top window repair channels Michael did a great job at doing what should have been done when the Firebird was first “restored”. Typically we provide a write-up about what Michal went through, but this time we felt best to just provide the overview in his own words – here is what Michael wrote to us:

“This is my buddy's 67 firebird that he had painted 5 yrs ago at a shop – his "cousin’s shop". He had problems with them completing the job so he finally picked it up after 5 yrs. unfortunately someone stole a whole lot of parts including complete wiring from the car. A true horror story - he contacted me asking if I could help him out. After wiring it all up and going through the whole car to make it road worthy , I finally started to focus on the glass. I assumed everything was done correct, but I was wrong as you can see from the pictures. The top channel was completely rusted away and they simply caked in some Bondo. I was not going to let this man take his car knowing it was like this. After searching the web, I ran across you guys. I found exactly what I needed to do a proper repair. Everything fit great! The curves follow the roof line perfectly. Materials got to my place in no time. This really saved me time and frustration. Thank you for providing quality material that fit great!”

We appreciate the flattering words from Michael and we are proud to have been a supplier to his efforts in bringing the Firebird up to a much higher standard. His work is very professional and the owner is very fortunate to have such a good friend!

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