About Our RustReplace.com Window Channels and Patches For Your GM A-Body, B-Body,F-Body & X-Body

We have just launched a new website for our RustReplace.com rust repair solutions and will be transitioning our content to the new, streamlined and smartphone-friendly site.  Much is already there - so why not click over now?  rustreplace.com is a Belden Speed & Engineering Company focused on rust repair solutions made in the USA!

GM A-Body, B-Body, F-Body & X-Body Window Rust Patch Panels

Most GM cars of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s suffer from rust around the fixed glass window channels both front and rear. This is due to a combination of design (sloped “fastback” rear glass) as well as fashion (Vinyl roof coverings) and today’s enthusiast is faced with repairing anything from mild to drastic damage caused by rust. In extreme cases new roof skins or quarter panels may be warranted, but in many cases smaller, less expensive much easier to install rust patch panels are a very good solution.

Our RustReplace.com patch panels are manufactured by us in the USA with locally sourced 18 and 20 gauge cold rolled steel. All parts are primed with etch-weld primer for easy installation and all window channels have pre-punched plug weld holes. Our design of the tooling and the process allows us to sell these custom patches at competitive prices and certainly far below the cost of a full panel installation. Some aspects of our process do involved some hand fabrication, so there may be minor part-to-part variability, but all parts are checked via fixtures for fit. It could be that some minor hand-bending will be required for fitting on your vehicle. This is mainly due to the variability of the cars 40+ years ago as well as 40+ years of service.

Here is a quick video to show you the key steps in installing the RustReplace.com (a Belden Speed & Engineering Company) rust repair channels and patches:

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Check Out The Details of Our Window Rust Repair System!

We have designed a system to replace the most common rusted out areas of the windshield roof channel, the rear window roof and quarter channels as well as the bottom corners of the quarter panels. These cost-effective patches can be installed by hobbyists as well as restoration specialists. They save significant time and labor over hand-fabricating patches and are formed to fit factory contours – every time! We include detailed installation instructions along with pictures and tips for a successful outcome.

Rear Window Rust Patch panels for Your GM A-Body, B-Body, F-Body and X-Body

Our system is comprised of 4 window channel pieces that can repair the Driver side roof and quarter panel as well as the Passenger side roof and quarter panel of your GM A-Body, F-Body or X-Body.  They have been designed in pieces for three reasons - first is reduced shipping cost - shorter pieces are cheaper to ship, our longest is 27".  Second they are easier to install in pieces and the most important reason is in many cases the complete window channel need not be replaced.  So the customer only needs to buy the pieces they require for their job.  

We also have quarter panel corner patches for cases where the rust has moved up into the quarter at the bottom of the window.  This is most common on vinyl top cars, but can also be evident on non-vinyl cars. At this time they are only available for the 1968-72 Chevelle, 1970-72 Monte Carlo and 1968-72 Buick Skylark/GS.

These rear window channels are made to replace rusted areas of the rear window channel which is a common problem for most GM cars.  They are hand fit to bucks made from the original contours and fabricated out of 20 gauge cold rolled steel.

The side channel pieces are sized to cover the entire length of the quarter panel.  They are left a bit long to be fit for each use.  The roof top channels span from the joint at the roof / quarter panel to the center of the roof.  They too are a bit long for fitting.  The channel patches are designed to be plug welded to your existing structures (B-Pillar and quarter panel).  Our channel patches have plug weld holes punched in them , but additional ones may need to be added depending on the condition of your B-Pillar structure.  Plug weld holes are best if between 5/32" - 3/16".  Factory tack welds were 1 1/2" - 2" apart and a bit random.  If your B-Pillar structure is rotted out these channel patches won't work until you restore your B-Pillar structure - the B-Pillar structure must be intact for proper installation of the new window channel.

They are designed to be plug welded to the inner structure and butt welded about 1/8"-3/16" below the break where the vertical side of the channel meets either the quarter panel or roof panel.  Once you have made the cut at that edge, these pieces must then be fit to your cut line - a bench grinder is the best method to "tune" this joint for a tight butt for a good weld.

Sail panel corner patches are contoured to fit with some minor fitting on your car.  The rolled edge of the corner is to be fit with your new window channel and butt welded to it.  Body seams are also to be butt welded to your original metal.

Windshield Roof Channel Rust Patches For GM A-Body, B-Body, F-Body and X-Body 

We provide a rust repair solution for windshield roof window channels for the Chevelle, Monte Carlo, El Camino, Cutlass, GTO/Tempest/LeMans , Skylark, Camaro, Firebird, Nova,Ventura, Impala and Bonneville  where the rust has been contained largely to the channel itself.  If the rust has migrated up into the roof brow and skin, then our system may not be an adequate solution for your needs.  Our windshield patches are fabricated from 18 gauge CRS and are of a 2 piece design.  The channel patches span the entire channel top, terminating in the A-Pillar corner.  Our channels work well for the 2 door coupes as well as convertibles.  Please indicate that you have a convertible when ordering.

Here are a few details about the patches

Our windshield roof channel patches are manufactured from 18 gauge CRS and are designed to be plug welded to the existing roof brace after the old channel has been removed.  A cut line in the roof skin is made approximately 1/8' - 3/16" down from the break where the roof drops into the vertical wall of the window channel.  This is done for the same reason we designed the rear channels - so that the butt weld seam can be hidden once the stainless trim has been put on.  This saves time in the body work phase of your restoration.  

The channels for the windshield are over sized in that the vertical wall of the channel is nominally 7/8" tall, so it will need to be trimmed quite a bit to fit into your cutout.  This extra metal is provided because it gives the flexibility to form an edge to roll back into the roof skin if some rust has compromised the brow edge.

How To Order From Us

At Belden Speed & Engineering the ordering process for our rust repair products is different for a reason.  We believe rust repair and patch panels is not a “one size fits all” business so we are a bit more interactive than others.  We prefer you to send us pictures of your rust-affected areas, but it isn’t mandatory – we will happily sell you what you’d like, but we prefer to sell you what you need and will give you the best outcome.

Here is how it works:  Once you (or we) determine which parts you need and we have your Zip Code to get an accurate shipping cost we send you a PayPal Invoice to your email for you to pay directly from.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT – YOU CAN USE YOUR OWN CREDIT CARD AND PAY AS A GUEST WITH NO OBLIGATION TO OPEN A PAYPAL ACCOUNT.  If you do not care to do the transaction through PayPal then we also accept personal checks.  Let us know and we can send you the information on where to send the check.

Once the funds have been received we typically ship your order same day for funds received before 10:00 AM EST via USPS Priority Mail.  Transit time is typically 2-3 business days from shipment to anywhere in the USA.

Ready To Order?  Send us an email at sales@rustreplace.com and include either a picture of your rust, a description of your problem or the part numbers you’d like to order along with the make and model of your car and your Zip Code.  We will respond quickly and professionally!

We Ship Internationally!


We ship via USPS Priority Mail.  Cost for shipping  window channels varies depending on items purchased and your location.  When you inquire if you can provide your Zip Code we can provide accurate shipping charges before your order is placed.  We now use our own boxes as this has resulted in an overall shipping savings for our customers.  Our shipping charges do include the cost of the box as well as all shipping materials.  Because we ship USPS Priority Mail there is package tracking as well as $50.00 of insurance.  If you would like additional insurance please let us know.  For $200 insurance the fee is $7.00 extra.  The boxes we use can fit a complete set of patches, so it is most economical to order all the parts you need at one time.  Typical shipping transit time is 2-3 business days.  IF WE DO NOT SHIP BY USPS PRIORITY MAIL, THEN NO INSURANCE IS INCLUDED WITH THE ORDER.

Have more questions?  

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