1970-72 Chevelle Coupe Vinyl Top Trim Stud Layout

Many times with rear window rust repair on vinyl top equipped cars the trunk filler panel must be replaced and perhaps full quarter panels as well. When this happens it is easy to lose the proper locations of the vinyl top trim holes and studs. Here is a quick and simple overview to help those of you with 1970-72 Chevelle coupes. The dimensions given are from a factory vinyl car and it's important to note that there was variation in some of the trim stud locations. So these dimensions are a good reference, but the exact locations are not critical regarding spacing. Obviously the alignment is critical for the proper look. As is always the case measure many times and use your trim as reference before you begin drilling holes! 

A section dedicated to trim stud options is located in out "Technical Center / Downloads" page - you can access by CLICKING HERE - we urge you to take a look if you haven't already.

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