Customer Showcase - 1968 LeMans Rear Window Channel Restoration

In many cases the stories behind cars are as cool as the cars themselves and this 1968 LeMans Sport is one of them. Owned by Brian Grilli and his 18 year old son Anthony, this LeMans was was bought by Brian in 1995 and it was Anthony’s first ride in 1999 coming home from the hospital. The good news is the car has stayed with the Grilli family, the bad news it had been left alone for a number of years, but all of that is changing.

18 year old boys like to do what 18 year old boys do which is work on cool cars and what could be cooler than a 1968 Pontiac A-Body? So after saving some money Anthony had convinced his dad it was time to get it back together. They are doing quite a restoration as the car had a number of issues with rear window rust being just one of them.

In an effort to save some precious time they contacted Belden Speed & Engineering about our rear window replacement channels for the 68-72 Pontiac A-Body. They purchased them and from the slide show you can see the steps they went though to perform the replacement. Brian and his son are both very talented and while this was a minor part of their restoration we are honored to have been a supplier – can’t wait to see the finished product – they are moving at a rapid pace, so it won’t be long!