D.  Rear Window Channel and Sail Panel Corners Repaired!

Post date: May 06, 2016 2:22:12 PM

With the vinyl roof off and the trunk filler panel removed the removal of the rusted metal and fabrication and replacement of new metal was completed.  Currently there are no rust patch panels being commercially reproduced for either the window channel profiles or the sheet metal surrounding the bottom corners of the rear window for GM A-Body cars. So you have just two choices - the first and expensive method would be to purchase a reproduction quarter panel and cut the areas from it to use as patches and the second is to fabricate your own to fit.

For those who are interested in making their repair we can supply both rear window channel patch panels as well as bottom corner sail panel patch panels for your 1968-1972 Chevelle.  For more information go to our "Chevelle & Monte Carlo Rear Window Rust Restoration" page or simply CLICK HERE.  Those patch panels were used for the following rear window rust repair..

The degree of rust damage was better than most A-Bodies of this vintage, here are shots of the Drivers and Passengers sides after everything was removed (vinyl roof, trim, rear window, package tray and trunk filler panel).

With the "truth" now exposed, the fabrication and installation of the required patches was preformed.  It required new window channels - a full quarter one on the passenger side and just the bottom corner on the driver side.  An area about 5" was also replaced on the passenger roof channel.  In addition, the bottom corners of the tops of the sail panels were replaced as well as a portion of the passenger side quarter where the rust had progressed.  Following are pictures of the highlights.  Additional installation tips are available for a free download on our "Technical Center / Downloads" page- you can get there by CLICKING HERE.

The results are good with a bit more metal finishing and a skim of filler and the patched areas will be invisible.  The trunk filler panel will be welded in after the body is media blasted - this because of the surface rust that is evident on the package tray panel that the trunk filler welds over.  The entire area will be epoxy primed and then the panel can be placed.

The next step is to begin the media blasting process.  The hood, fenders and doors will be removed and blasted (along with the trunk lid that has already been removed).  Any areas of rust that are uncovered on those parts will be addressed and then the roof, quarters and door jams will be blasted.