New To Welding?  Here Is Why Gas-Shielded MIG Is A Better Answer

Post date: Jun 10, 2017 6:41:21 PM

We have recently added a video to help show the novice the very basic differences between flux-core MIG, gas-shielded MIG and TIG as it relates to welding of thin (18-20 gauge) sheet metal when installing patch panels.  It is tempting to start with flux-core MIG as it's the lowest cost machine and can indeed be used to weld carbon steel effectively.  Thin sheet metal is different as it relates to installing patches because butt welding the patch in is typically requires and warping of the sheet metal can complicate future bodywork tremendously!  So to achieve the best results for your restoration work, start with gas-shielded MIG - you will be very happy you did.  To rad more and see the video in our "Technical Center / Downloads" section CLICK HERE.