F.  Ready For Epoxy Primer

Post date: May 29, 2016 7:47:59 PM

With the rust gone and everything down to bare metal the decision was made to use epoxy primer as opposed to etch primer.  This was at the recommendation of the PPG technical service people who feel that with their product line they prefer to avoid etch primers when using the base coat/ clear coat system.  It is very likely that others disagree, but we tend to follow the vendor's rules.

The car is a really solid example of a 1970 Chevelle SS.  It is a no-hit car with just a bit of moderate rust.  The floors, cowl and trunk are perfect with no rust and with all the paint off the car it shows well.  

The trunk was then sprayed with black epoxy primer in preparation for finishing it with the authentic Black/Aqua splatter paint.

So now it is a matter of doing some body work to touch up the patched areas, fill some 46 year old door dings and then the parts will be shot with 2K primer/surfacer, blocked and prepped for PPG base coat / clear coat in its original Shadow Gray.