H.  The Chevelle gets a new coat of Shadow Gray

Post date: Oct 14, 2016 3:26:47 PM

Masking a car is tedious, but it's an exciting step because it means that paint is imminent.  After all the hours of preparation leading up to paint the finish line becomes very visible.  The Chevelle will be painted with PPG basecoat as well as their 2021 clear.  It's been a very hot summer here and that has lead to many delays in applying the paint, but the time has come.  The car was moved into the booth and put up on jack stands to make access to the rockers a bit easier.

With all the masking complete it was time to wipe down the entire car with wax and grease remover and then tack it off a few times.

The PPG Shadow Gray was mixed thoroughly the gun was filled and on when two coats of base coat - it happens so fast!

Base was allowed to cure for about an hour and then two coats of clear were applied.  This is always the nail biting time because of the possibility of runs, sags, trash and orange peel, but what a difference clear makes.  When the clear-cloud dissipates it's always like Christmas morning.

So now that the paint is applied, the masking off now the wet sanding and buffing can begin.