Rear Window Corner Rust Patch Panels FIT Your Chevelle or Monte Carlo!

Post date: Aug 21, 2017 1:50:8 AM

We have been asked about how good our rear window corner quarter panel patches fit the OEM Trim. Well we like to say as good or better than how your 68-72 Chevelle or 70-72 Monte Carlo left the factory. We understand that what we say isn't necessarily objective, so here is a picture we took today of a corner just completed (well not quite, it wasn't yet primed) right off the line. Yes that is OEM trim and we check our tooling daily to ensure that the corner is just right. For those installing the corners do use your trim as an alignment check before welding. We recommend a light tack or two to make sure that your trim fits as it should once you have completed your welding. So for those who are contemplating repairing their rear window rust, you can rest assured that we have you (and your rust) covered!