Customer Showcase - 1969 Chevelle Full Rear Window Channel and Corner Set Installed

Ken Sinclair of Boise Idaho had been waiting for years to get another 1969 Chevelle and his search yielded a car that needed a little TLC (OK, a lot of TLC, but don’t tell his wife that). Ken is working with Mike Black of Black Magic Customs (also in Boise) to bring this 1969 Chevelle not only back, but far better than the factory made it.

The body has been separated from the chassis (which Ken has rebuilt and detailed) and was blasted to expose the rather extensive rust. Black magic Customs has been methodically replacing the rusted areas with new metal and when it came to resolving the rear window rust issues Ken and Mike chose Belden Speed & Engineering rear window patches to solve the problems there.

As can be seen in the pictures the trunk filler panel was replaced and the Belden Speed quarter and roof channels were fitted and installed along with both driver and passenger side bottom corner patches. Black Magic Customs was able to save hours of fabrication (and that saved Ken some money) and was also able to save the quarters (which also saved Ken money).

We can’t wait to see the continued progress as well as the final results of this restoration and plan to post more pictures for you to enjoy. Thank you Ken for your business and thank you Mike at Black magic Customs for doing exceptional work installing our products! Black Magic Customs is located at: Black Magic Customs 7024 E. Warm Springs Ave. Boise, Idaho 83716