Belden Speed & Engineering - An Old School Speed & Fabrication Shop

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What we do...

Belden Speed & Engineering is a small speed shop focused on preserving, restoring and increasing the performance of mid 1960's through early 1970's American muscle cars. We work on naturally-aspirated (carburetors!!) street cars that most of today's shops lack the experience or passion to repair, restore and tune them. 

While we focus on engines, transmissions and chassis work, the shop is equipped to handle the special needs of full restorations including rust repair (panel patching), panel replacement and show quality paint. 

We are a specialty shop that takes on only projects that intrigue us. In fact much of our time is spent working on our owner's cars and builds.  That said, our focus is to restore, repair and enhance the performance of exceptional pre-1972 muscle cars.

BS&E Shop Truck

BS&E 1970 Chevelle SS

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